How do we strip a tank?
Through much trial and error, and the help of our special chemical team, we have finally developed a specialized chemical which will digest the aged sealer.  The result will be a totally clean tank, which will be ready to accept new sealer.  With our specialized application equipment, you will have no rivet, huckbolt or skin damage.  In choosing this process, doing a complete strip job will take hours, not days. Once your tank is cleaned and washed out, we begin a process similar to the Mooney factory in reapplying the new sealant.  I am certain that our new and improved sealer will produce results better than the original product.  The application process requires proper materials, knowledge of Mooney fuel tanks, ample time, and a thorough hand.  The outcome of this process will result in a new tank which will offer a long service life. 

The Thought of hand cleaning areas in the tank that can’t be reached or removing old aged sealer by hand is very disturbing.  Corners could be missed, or tanks would be scratched, completely unappealing and very difficult to do.  Imagine that problem being transformed into a liquid solution.  It will completely wash the tank back to its original, in a matter of just hours.

When are fuel tank repairs required?
Fuel tank leaks have become a way of life for the vintage Mooney owner.  Minor repairs to tank covers are quick and can be completed almost while the owner waits.  An owner may not be given a choice to delay tank repair when required by a mechanic as part of the inspection.  If you are considering repainting your Mooney, it is important to first address the condition of the tanks..

Who does the work?
With more than 10 years’ experience in the Mooney fuel tank repair shop, I, Paul Beck am the fuel tank specialist.  I have developed a routine for removal of old sealer, and understand the most practical and cost effective repair methods.  I will verify that sealing over the problem area is NOT the answer nor is it a simple repair process.  After the tanks have been stripped, I can give the customer an evaluation on the condition of their tanks.  If you’re a Mooney owner with tank problems, you need to know the truth.  Whether it’s a minor repair to a total strip and reseal.  Your Mooney is worth the investment.

Is there a guarantee?
Yes, I will provide a 7 year leak free warranty on all total clean and reseal projects.  In the unlikely event of needed warranty, I reserve the right to require any repair be completed at our Minnesota factory.  With my confidence in the latest sealers and tank repair methods, results are a better that new warranty.

Is it expensive?
It is expensive when it’s not done right the first time.  When it’s time to market a Mooney for sale, fuel tank history is part of determining the value.  Yes any tank repair is expensive, but professional tank repairs also add value and will factor when you consider selling or trading your Mooney.  Look at it as an investment in the current and future value of your Mooney. 

How can I learn more about fuel tank repairs?
For a personal explanation of fuel tank repair or to make an appointment, call Paul at 320-295-1671 or Email me.

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I stayed and watched Paul
strip the first tank.

Paul is meticulous and his system
is amazing. Still a lot of work, but
at the end of the stripping and
sealing process the tank looks
like brand new...beautiful work.
I am an A&P IA and contemplated
trying to reseal the tanks myself,
after watching this process there is
no way I would try it. I couldn't get
the results Paul gets without the
experience and equipment. 
Thanks Paul.

~Steve Dieck,
Lake Villa, IL



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